Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art Radebaugh's Future Past

A number of years ago, we curated a traveling exhibit on the futuristic illustrator Arthur Radebaugh, entitled The Future We Were Promised.

Since then, we've gone our own way, far removed from the technological worlds of Radebaugh. Herbal medicine, forest stewardship, nature photography -- these have been our pursuits, not flying cars or personal jetpacks.

Yet we've held Art Radebaugh deep in our hearts and always wanted to reprise the online version of the traveling exhibit, which we had hosted at -- until the web hosting company abruptly went belly-up.

Much of Radebaugh's biography resides only in boxes in our closet, on old cassette tapes holding the oral histories we took, and in our fading memories.

We present this site as a tribute to Art Radebaugh, a magnificent and generous spirit who reached across the decades many times in his life, and does so yet still. The online exhibit and more, besides, can be found on the pages linked to above right.

We welcome comments, and are always curious to learn more about Arthur Radebaugh.