Special Thanks:
    •    Dan Heemstra, for his dedication to this project, and for access to his collection.
    •    Hampton Wayt, for his expertise and extensive research
    •    Jim Secreto, steadfast chronicler of Detroit automotive history, for allowing us to reprint several Radebaugh pieces in his collection
    •    James Lewes, for his early input and for the exhibit title
    •    Kristin, Thornton and Ellis Kimmell
    •    Francis Purcell, for his support
    •    Jonathan Sher, for his support
    •    Amanda Mahoney for her help in creating the first exhibit
    •    Tom, for his help at Lost Highways

    •    Tom Nash and John Lypen at Motor Magazine for their generous permission to reprint some of Radebaugh's finest work
    •    Mark Patrick, Laura Kotsis and the entire staff at the Detroit Public Library Automotive History Collection, for their extensive help in our research
    •    Phil Mooney, Director of the Coca-Cola Archives
    •    David Ryan, at the Minnesota Institute of Arts
    •    Brandt Rosenbusch at the Chrysler Museum
    •    The staff at the Hagley Museum

    •    Kat and Paul Harrigan
    •    Jimmy Northmore
    •    Don Everett
    •    Jack Weber
    •    Bob Hill
    •    Jerry Smead
    •    Lavon Van Buren
    •    Ben Jaroslaw
    •    Lou Chiesi
    •    Bob Cunningham
    •    The Heemstra Family
    •    Norman Brostermann
    •    Al Westin
    •    Billy Whitelaw
    •    Will Eisner
    •    Ted Paul